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    You can earn up to three OpenACC competency badges in this course - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can earn all three badges but must complete the beginner badge in order to receive an intermediate and/or advanced badge. The beginner badge will be awarded automatically once you successfully complete the quiz. To receive the intermediate and advanced badge you must submit materials to be reviewed by XSEDE staff. Once their review is complete, you will receive a notice indicating whether your submission qualified for a badge or not.

    You do not need an HPC-Moodle user account to view the badge requirements. However, to attempt the badge assessments you must create an account and enroll in the course.

    1. To log in or create an account, click the login link found in the upper right of this webpage.
    2. To enroll in the course, click the 'Enrol me in this course' link in the 'Course Administration' block on the right side of this webpage.
    • Not completed: OpenACC Beginner Badge Quiz